Calling All Writers! Join Us For SF Olympians III!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2012 San Francisco Olympians Festival, a multi-discipline, nationally recognized new works theater festival based at the Exit Theater in San Francisco!

Proposals due by midnight on November 30th, with the line-up for next year’s festival to be announced 12/12/2011. Our first meeting will be in January of 2012.

The festival will take place in December of 2012, from December 5-December 22, Wedesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday …nights.

Each night of the festival will consist of the staged reading of two plays, an “Olympians Play” and a “Titan play”, both one acts (60 minutes or less), by different writers (or groups of writers). Audiences will vote on their favorite play each night, declaring either an Olympian or a Titan a winner. All participating writers will receive a portion of their box office, with the winner of each night of the festival receiving an additional prize and possible publication.

There are no submission fees. The Olympians Festival is non-exclusive and does not retain ownership of any play created for it, beyond the initial staged reading. Participating writers should be local and will be expected to help promote the festival and contribute a raffle prize of their choosing to be raffled off on the night their play is read.

Writers are encouraged to submit as many proposals as they like, and can work in pairs or teams of three or more. Proposals should be 500 words or less and answer three questions:

1) Why you?
2) Why this god/titan?
3) What your idea is.

All proposals should be submitted electronically to Stuart at

2012’s subjects are as follows. Only one is currently claimed and submissions are currently welcome for all:

WEEK 1: The War Begins At Home

HESTIA: goddess of fire, the hearth, cooking, home, peace, gave up her throne to Dionysus.
DIONYSUS: god of wine, vineyards, revelry, theater, madness, took the throne of Hestia.

ATHENA: virgin goddess of wisdom, strategy, craftsmanship, artists.
MNEMOSYNE & THEMIS: titanesses; goddess of the memory, mother of the Muses; goddess of law, reason and good council.

APHRODITE: goddess of beauty, love, sex, wife of Hephaestus, lover of Ares, mother of Eros.
PHOEBE & THEIA: the twin titanesses of light, illumination, beauty; they crafted the chariots of the Sun and the Moon.

PROMETHEUS: god of foresight, creator of mankind, bringer of fire, god of humanism. (CLAIMED)
HEPHAESTUS: lame god of smiths, tools, mechanics, work, husband of Aphrodite.

WEEK 2: The Turning of the Tide

HERMES: god of commerce, trickery, travelers, math, money, thieves, communication.
IAPETUS: titans, god of intelligence, invention; father of Atlas and Prometheus.

HADES: king of the underworld, god of riches, minerals, hidden things, invisibility, doorways.
CREOS & COEUS: titan twins, virtually forgotten, banished to Tartarus after the war of the Titans.

DEMETER: goddess of farming, orchards, harvests, food. Sister of Hera and Hestia.
TETHYS: wife of Oceanus, goddess of the deep ocean, lost ships, secrets, cold.

POSEIDON: brother of Zeus, god of the sea, horses, storms, earthquakes.
OCEANUS: a titan, god of the open ocean, continuity, inevitability, cycles.

Week 3: The Great Battle

ARES & ERIS: gods of war, son and daughter of Zeus and Hera.
ATLAS: strongest of the titans, leader during the war of the Titans, holds the sky on his back.

ARTEMIS & APOLLO: The twins; goddess of hunting, wild animals, maidenhood; god of masculine excellence, archery, music, prophecy.
HYPERION: titan leader, second only to Chronus; god of brilliance, father of the Sun, Moon and Dawn.

HERA: queen of the gods, goddess of marriage, womanhood, family, domestic animals.
RHEA: her mother, wife of Chronus, goddess of resurrection, healing, mercy.

ZEUS: king of the gods, god of thunder, lightning, rain, fertility, justice, power.
CHRONUS: his father, king of the titans, god of time, retribution, legacy and numbers.

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