Announcing The Writers Of San Francisco Olympians III!

We are happy to announce that next year’s roster of writers has been chosen and we’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with as Titans take on Olympians in San Francisco Olympians Festival III: Titans vs. Olympians!

The run down is (in alphabetical order):

APHRODITE by Marissa Skudlarek
ATLAS by Charles Lewis III
ARES AND ERIS by Claire Rice
ARTEMIS AND APOLLO by Stuart Eugene Bousel
ATHENA by Roberta D’Alois & Marilyn Harris Kriegel
COEUS AND CRIOS by Evelyn Jean Pine
CRONUS by Christian Simonsen
DEMETER by Patricia Milton
DIONYSUS by Lily Janiak
HADES by Robert Cooper & Benji Cooper
HEPHAESTUS by Colin Johnson
HERA by Barbara Jwanouskos
HERMES by Kirk Shimano
HESTIA by James Kierstead
HYPERION by Seanan Palmero and Clint Winder
IAPETUS by Neil Higgins
MNEMOSYNE AND THEMIS by Susan Sobeloff & Larissa Archer
OCEANUS by Evan Winchester
PHOEBE AND THEIA by Amy Clare Tasker
POSEIDON by Bridgette Portman
PROMETHEUS by Jeremy Cole
RHEA by Maria Leigh
TETHYS by Meg O’Connor
ZEUS by Megan Cohen

Congratulations to all our writers, and many thanks to the 51 writers who submitted 111 proposals to the festival this year- a record high for us!

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