Olympians III: Call For Directors!

OLYMPIANS III: Call for Directors

The Olympians Festival is accepting letters of interest from directors between January 15 and February 15, 2012. Please note that as a reading festival, Olympians III is focused on the playwright’s creation process and the development of new work.

Directors will be selected and contacted by the individual participating playwrights, not assigned by the Festival.

To be considered by the 2012 Olympians III playwrights, please email the following information with the subject line “Olympians III director – YOUR NAME” to amy@amyclaretasker.com by midnight on February 15, 2012. Letters of interest will only be accepted by email.

Letter of Interest Guidelines:
1. Please provide your name, phone number, and email address.
2. What does new play development mean to you as a director?
3. Are there any myths in this year’s line-up that are
particularly exciting to you? OR Why is Greek mythology exciting to you?
4. Have you ever participated in the Olympians Festival before? If yes, please list your involvement.
5. Your resume (optional)

Please do not exceed one page with elements 1-4, and please send all your information as one document (.doc or .pdf). Thank you!
In your email to Amy, please include the line: “I understand that directing a reading in the festival is a volunteer project.”

The readings will take place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights between December 5 and 22, 2012. Exact details of each play’s rehearsal schedule will be worked out between individual playwrights and directors.

Additional dates to be aware of are as follows:
Wednesday, June 6 at 7 PM- DIRECTORS MEETING
Sunday, October 14 at 6- WRITERS & DIRECTORS MEETING
Sunday, November 4 AUDITIONS
Monday, November 5 AUDITIONS
Saturday, December 1, OPENING PARTY

We hope to see you soon on Olympus!

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