The 2012 Olympians Festival Schedule

No Nude Men Productions Presents


A 12 night collection of 24 new plays exploring the tension between the Titan and Olympian families of ancient Greek mythology.

tickets are $10.00 at the door

Exit Theater, San Francisco (156 Eddy Street)

December 5 @ 8 PM
HESTIA by James Kierstead
DIONYSUS by Lily Janiak

December 6 @ 8 PM
MNEMOSYNE AND THEMIS by Susan Sobeloff & Larissa Archer
ATHENA by Roberta D’Alois & Marilyn Harris Kriegel

December 7 @ 8 PM
PHOEBE AND THEIA by Amy Clare Tasker
APHRODITE by Marissa Skudlarek

December 8 @ 2 PM
IAPETUS by Neil Higgins
HERMES by Kirk Shimano

December 8 @ 8 PM
PROMETHEUS by Jeremy Cole
HEPHAESTUS by Colin Johnson

December 12 @ 8 PM
COEUS AND CRIOS by Evelyn Jean Pine
HADES by Robert Cooper & Benji Cooper

December 13 @ 8 PM
TETHYS by Meg O’Connor
DEMETER by Patricia Milton

December 14 @ 8 PM
OCEANUS by Evan Winchester
POSEIDON by Bridgette Portman

December 15 @ 2 PM
ATLAS by Charles Lewis III
ARES AND ERIS by Claire Rice

December 15 @ 8 PM
HYPERION by Seanan Palmero and Clint Winder
ARTEMIS AND APOLLO by Stuart Eugene Bousel

December 19 @ 8 PM
RHEA by Maria Leigh
HERA by Barbara Jwanouskos

December 20 @ 8 PM
CRONUS by Christian Simonsen
ZEUS by Megan Cohen

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