A Giant Thank You To All Of Our 2012 Donors!

We’re excited to publish the list of our 2012 Olympians Festival donors!

This list is only partial. Some donors choose to remain anonymous, and many people donate in ways other than cash: their time, their energy, their expertize, their network, etc. Behind every festival, every theater production, there is always a plethora of people coming together in a myriad of ways to make it happen. No donor list or program credits are ever truly comprehensive.

To all the people on this list, and all the people who aren’t on it, thank you for all you do to make this vision a reality. The festival couldn’t happen without you, and we hope you love all the great work that comes out of it, the result of all the love and support you put in.

Paul Anderson
Tina Andrews
Larissa Archer
Christina Augello
Kendra Arimoto
Jane Bousel
Robin Bousel
Rachel Bublitz
Matt & Emily Buikema
Kat Bushnell
John Caldon
Linda Cardozo
Victor G. Carrion
Virginia Carson
Louise Castaldi
Jeremy Cole
Roy Conboy
Benjamin Cooper
Nancy Cooper Frank
Brian Kenneth Coyne
Laura and Andy Coyne
Sarah Cupp
Laurie Dauria
Jim Driscoll-MacEachron
Les & Marilyn Duman
Robert Estes
Lisa Gentile
James Grady
Garret Groenveld
Matt Gunnison
Anne Hallinan
Neil Higgins
David Hirata
Paul Janiak
Paul Jennings
Barbara Jwanouskos
Robert Kent
Kathryn Kersey
Missy Klepetar
Marilyn Kriegel
Charles Lewis III
Miriam Lewis
Carl Lucania
Austin Madison
Chris McCaleb
Patricia Milton
Scott Neilson
Helen Noakes
James O’Connor
Karen Offereins
Marj O’Neill-Butler
Hector Osorio
Seanan Palmero
Evelyn Jean Pine
Bridgette Portman
Corinne Proctor
Tracy Rapplin
Mark & Diana Rishell
Celeste Russi
Kirk Shimano
Mary Ann Bell & Joseph Skudlarek
Susan Sobeloff
Susan Takalo
James Tinsley
Abigail Trask
Shalini Uppu
Miguel Veloz
Doug Vincent
Mark and Tammy Walton
Matt Werner

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