Audition For This Year’s Olympians Festival!

Auditions are November 4, 2 PM to 9 PM, and November 5, 7-10 PM, at the Exit. Please e-mail to schedule an audition slot.

The San Francisco Olympians Festival is returning and will need dozens of actors for its 2012 festival which plays the first three weeks of December!

In the month of December in 2012, No Nude Men Productions, one of San Francisco’s longest running indy theater troupes, will roll out 25 new one-act plays written by 27 local writers, each one focusing on one of the Olympian or Titan gods of Ancient Greece.

Each of these twenty-five plays will receive a dramatic reading at the Exit Theater, and for that we’ll need actors, so if you’re the kind of person who can act AND read, we’d love to have you join us in what promises to be even a bigger success than last year’s festival!

Rehearsals will all be in November and December, and will involve 3-5 MAX for each show. The show schedule is as follows:

December 5 @ 8 PM
Hestia by James Kierstead, directed by Anthony Miller
Dionysus, or Die oh! Nice, us! by Lily Janiak, directed by Anthony Miller

December 6 @ 8 PM
Mnemosyne and Themis, or The Broken Frame by Larissa Archer, directed by Neil Higgins
Mnemosyne and Themis, or Leaving Earth by Susan Sobeloff, directed by Neil Higgins
Athena, The Musical by Roberta D’Alois and Marilyn Harris Kriegel, with lyrics by Roberta D’Alois and Marilyn Harris Kriegel, and music by Roberta D’Alois, directed by Rebecca Longworth

December 7 @ 8 PM
Phoebe & Theia, or How to Get to Tartarus by Amy Clare Tasker, directed Annie Paladino
Aphrodite, or The Love Goddess by Marissa Skudlarek, directed by Sara Staley

December 8 @ 2 PM
Iapetus by Neil Higgins, directed by Amanda Ortmayer
Hermes: The Computer That Wanted To Love by Kirk Shimano, directed by Amanda Ortmayer

December 8 @ 8 PM
Prometheus: Playing With Fire by Jeremy Cole, directed by Jeremy Cole
Hephaestus or Heffy by Colin Johnson, directed by Colin Johnson

December 12 @ 8 PM
Coeus and Creos or 12.12.12 by Evelyn Jean Pine, directed by Karen Offereins
Hades by Robert and Benjamin Cooper, directed by Tracy Held Potter

December 13 @ 8 PM
Tethys or In The Deep by Meghan Kathleen O’Connor, directed by Annie Paladino
Demeter or In the Silence of Tangerine Groves by Patricia Milton, directed by Michaela Goldhaber

Decemeber 14 @ 8 PM
Oceanus or The Death of All Dolphins by Evan Winchester, directed by Cristy Crowley
Poseidon or Caenis and Poseidon, by Bridgette Dutta Portman, directed by Katja Rivera

Decemeber 15 @ 2 PM
Atlas, or Do a Good Turn Daily by Charles Lewis III, directed by Charles Lewis III
Ares and Eris, or The Upper Hand by Claire Rice, directed by Karen Offereins

December 15 @ 8 PM
Hyperion by Seanan Palmero & Clint Winder, directed by Xanadu Bruggers
Artemis and Apollo or Twins by Stuart Eugene Bousel, directed by Xanadu Bruggers

December 19 @ 8 PM
Rhea by Maria Leigh, directed by Rebecca Longworth
Hera by Barbara Jwanouskos, directed by Amy Clare Tasker

December 20 @ 8 PM
Chronus by Christian Simonsen, directed by Stuart Bousel
Zeus by Megan Cohen, directed by Stuart Bousel

Auditions are November 4, 2 PM to 9 PM, and November 5, 7-10 PM, at the Exit. Please e-mail to schedule an audition slot.

Auditions will consist of reading aloud passages of text we choose ahead of time. Please bring a headshot and resume. Leave yourself at least half an hour to get through the audition process.

There is a small stipend, determined by attendance each night of the festival.

If scheduling permits (and you’re interested), all actors will be considered for multiple plays.

For more information about the festival and the individual plays and authors, check out

Please pass this on to any actors you may know!

Sorry, but we can not use AEA performers for this event.

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