Want to write for the Olympians Festival?

Well, now is your chance!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2013 San Francisco Olympians Festival, a multi-discipline, nationally recognized new works theater festival based at the Exit Theater in San Francisco!

Proposals due by midnight on November 30th, with the line-up for next year’s festival to be announced 12/12/2012. Our first meeting will be in January of 2013.

The festival will take place in November of 2013, from November 6-November 23, Wedesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Each night of the festival will consist of the staged reading of either a full-length play or a series of shorts, inspired by characters or figures from the Trojan War and associated legends. The figures, and the lengths of the plays we’re looking for, are specified below.

There are no submission fees. The Olympians Festival is non-exclusive and does not retain ownership of any play created for it, beyond the initial staged reading. Participating writers should be local and will be expected to help promote the festival and contribute a raffle prize of their choosing to be raffled off on the night their play is read. They are also expected to attend 4-6 meetings over the course of the year and our auditions, which happen about a month before the festival.

Writers are encouraged to submit as many proposals for as many topics as they like. Applications for a topic can be submitted by individuals or writers can work in pairs, or teams of three or more. Writers may be picked for more than one project, and should note that they’d like to be considered for more than one. Each proposal should be 500 words or less and answer three questions:

1) Why you?
2) Why this god/character/object?
3) What is your idea?

All proposals should be submitted electronically to Stuart at

2013′s subjects are as follows. Only one is currently claimed and submissions are currently welcome for all:

Week One: The Greeks (11/6-11/9)

Wednesday, November 6: Argive Heroes
Short: Ajax Major
Short: Ajax Minor
Short: Nestor
Short: Diomedes
Short: Teucer
Short: Patroclus
Short: Thersities
Short: Neoptolemus

Thursday, November 7: The Brothers
One Act: Menelaus
One Act: Agamemnon

Friday, November 8: The Brains
Full-Length: Odysseus

Saturday, November 9: The Brawn
Full-Length: Achilles

Week Two: The Trojans (11/13-11/16)

Wednesday, November 13: Trojan Women
Short: Hecuba
Short: Laodike
Short: Andromache
Short: Polyxena
Short: Cruesa
Short: Chryseis
Short: Briseis
Short: Oenone

Thursday, November 14: The Brothers
One Act: Paris
One Act: Hector

Friday, November 15: The Prophetess
Full Length: Cassandra

Saturday, November 16: The Survivor
Full Length: Aeneas

Week Three: The War (11/20-11/23)

Wednesday, November 20: The Tools
Short: The Shield
Short: The Helmet
Short: The Spear
Short: The Sword
Short: The Golden Apples
Short: The Ships
Short: The Chariot
Short: The Bow

Thursday, November 21: The Place
One-Act: The Walls of Troy
One-Act: The Plains of Illium

Friday, November 22: The Reason
Full Length: Helen (CLAIMED)

Saturday, November 23: The Final Solution

Full Length: The Horse (CLAIMED)


Short- Ten to Fifteen Minutes
One-Act- Twenty-five to Seventy Minutes
Full Length- Sixty Minutes to Two Hours

Happy Brainstorming! We look forward to your submissions!

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