Ares and Eris

Ares and Eris are the god of war and the goddess of discord, respectively. Twin children of Zeus and Hera, they represent the horrors and violence of war. They are cruel, unpredictable, selfish and thoughtless of consequences. Neither claims allegiance with any side, but often fights where ever it is the greatest benefit to themselves. Ares sometimes fights on the side of the gods, as with the war against the Titans, and sometimes fights against them, as in the Trojan War. Eris is less well known than her mighty brother. While Ares chose to fight on the side of the Trojans to defend the honor of his lover, Aphrodite, Eris incited the war itself when she threw a beautiful golden apple among the gods and declared it belonged “to the fairest among them”, thus bringing about the judgment of Paris and his taking of Helen and the launching of 1000 ships.

In Claire Rice’s play, Ares is a top US military official and Eris is the leader of a terrorist network. In public it would seem they are working on opposite sides of a long running war, but in reality they meet in secret to plan attacks and methods of prolonging the war. Ares thinks he has Eris under control, but he has taken her for granted. Eris is as radical and unpredictable as she ever was, and she may have plans of her own.

ARES AND ERIS by Claire Rice
Directed by Karen Offereins
staged reading on December 15, 2012 at 2 PM

Peter Townley (Ares)

Colleen Egan (Eris)

Christina Augello (Radio Announcer/Stage Directions)

Claire Rice is a playwright, director, and producer. She has worked with Thunderbird Theatre Company, No Nude Men, Three Wise Monkeys, PianoFight, AtmosTheatre, Theatre Pub and is co-founder of Ann Marie Productions. Her plays include Sex in the Next Room, Woman Come Down, The Carmine Lie, It Ain’t Me, Waterline, Demeter’s Daughter and Pride and Succubus. She has worked as a lecturer in Theatre at San Francisco State University and is currently working at Theatre Bay Area. In June of 2011 she directed Juno en Victoria for Wily West Productions. She recently directed Hilde Susan Jaegtnes’ Oily Replies for No Nude Men as part of an evening of three one acts by women. Her play Waterline will be produced by Guerrilla Rep in December 2012. This is her third year participating in the festival. You can read Demerter’s Daughter, the play she wrote for the first year of the festival, in Songs of Hestia published by EXIT Press. Claire was born in New Mexico where she spent most of her life. She graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a BFA in Performance before moving to San Francisco to get her MFA in Playwriting at SF State. She lives and works in San Francisco with her wonderful husband, actor Matt Gunnison.

The image for Ares and Eris was illustrated by Brett Grunig and his wonderful work can be found just beyond this link.