Boreas is the god of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter. Tempestuous and lusty and known for his seductions, he is associated with horses and said to have fathered at least a dozen colts.

Hard Pack, a dramatic short, depicts the rivalry between partners of a snowplow dealership in the snowy Northeast. The character of Boreas — a charismatic man named Bo — is never seen on stage, but his power over Hap’s family becomes increasingly apparent, until, in an act of extreme sang-froid, Bo finally seals their fate.

BOREAS or “Hard Pack” by Lise Catherine Miller
staged reading on October 21, 2011

Directed by Lise Catherine Miller

Tony Cirimele (Hap)

Jan Gilbert (Gina)

Keshuv Prasad (Stage Directions)

Leota Tisdel Rhodes (Molly)

Lise Miller grew up in rural New Hampshire, where she became familiar with the cold north wind. She earned a BA in Creative Writing from Bennington College and in 2005 won the PEN New England North Fiction Discovery Prize. She has written several shorts and two full-length stage farces: The Bauble that Bought Manhattan and Healthy as a Horse.

The image of Boreas was created by Gintah Tran. You can view his portfolio, here.