Canis Major

Canis Major has lead the hunt through the skies beyond myth. At times he is a gift from Zeus to one of his lovers, at others he is Orion’s faithful dog always hunting at his side. He is the hunting dog that brought down the bull, but he is also the watch dog that failed to save Europa from Jupiter in bull’s form. When he is clearest in the sky, it is usually the hottest days of the year. Thus, the fevered dog days where so named. There are more then a few dogs through out mythology, not all of them are Canis Major, but all are devoted to their task. None more then Canis who ever will chase Lepus across the sky for the master at his heals, Orion.

Of her play, Dog Days, Claire Rice says: It’s the dog days. The days when only a dog would be mad enough to go out in the heat of the city. I hunt for him. He hunts for everything. And I am at his heals. I am lapping up at the death in his wake. I am his dog. And it’s a dog day.

CANIS MAJOR or DOG DAYS by Claire Ann Rice
staged reading October 7, 2011

Directed by Claire Rice

Benji Cooper (Canis)

Claire Rice was born and raised in New Mexico. She earned her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Eastern New Mexico University in Performance in 2003. She moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University where she earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Playwrighting in 2006. Thunderbird Theatre Company produced Claire’s first full length play, Pride and Succubus, in the summer of 2008. Also in 2008 she started a small theater company with Gabrielle Gomez, Ann Marie Productions, with the goal of producing their own work and the work of our friends. AMP produced five shows including Claire’s own play It Ain’t Me. Most recently Ann Marie Productions produced, with Claire directing, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lost My Virginity by Aileen Clark and John Caldon at the Exit Theatre this last November. Claire’s play Demeter was produced as a reading No Nude Men’s SF Olympians Festival in 2010. She will always be working on an adaptation of David Copperfield and recently began working on a comic book with artist Cody Rishell.

About The Artist
Chelsea Harper is born a storyteller and an artist. Dabbling in all manners of storytelling including acting, singing, drawing and writing, Chelsea has engrossed herself and become a Jack of all trades, but has since narrowed down her scope of interest to art and writing in hopes of honing those skills instead of spreading herself thin. She has taught herself to draw in her childhood but has since started taking classes at the Junior College, which has helped her focus in and expand her skills. She has also been an avid writer since childhood and, following thus, she has become an avid and dedicated participant in National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy, which is a challenge once a year to write more than fifty thousand words or a hundred pages respectively in the span of thirty days. She has won each challenge since 2006. To this day, she is working on her own novel which she hopes to one day soon publish as well as her own made from scratch pop up book. Within the year, she hopes to transfer to the Academy of Art where she’ll finally be able to stretch and learn more about art and storytelling after having been stunted by her stay at the JC. Afterwards, she will hopefully make her way to Pixar, the storytelling behemoth that she’s dreamed about joining since she was eleven, and make a niche for herself in the story department. For now, she’s working hard on collecting scholarships and finishing her personal projects.
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