Many Thanks To Our 2016 Donors!

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The San Francisco Olympians Festival VII: Harvest of Mysteries was made possible by the following generous benefactors:

Paul Anderson
Jane Bousel
Robin Bousel
Stuart Bousel
Louise Castaldi
Jeremy Cole
Lisa Darter
Jayme Fay
Jerome Joseph Gentes
Matt Gunnison
Esther Hatkoff
Evelyn Jean Pine
Brian Katz
Rachel Kessinger
Carol Lashof
Ron Longworth
Stacey Matthews-Winn
Cody Rissole
Jennifer Roberts
Karl Schackne
Elizabeth Spreen
Judy Tuan

And the following Benevolent Souls:

Christine Keating
The flames of her hair equalled only by the poet’s fire of her soul, she laughed where others might have sobbed sad tears.

Dan Kurtz
He who has so often spoken the words of the poet, may yet find his place at a table where he speaks himself as himself.

Lauren LePage Harrelson
In the spirit of love and justice, she served in education, hoping to empower others so that they would not be exploited.

Mary Ann Bell & Joseph Skudlarek
Our benefactors and fans, they have given us much, from box office revenue to our first box office manager, and they did it all with bow-ties and smiles.

Ian Ward Comfort
Born to arch his eyebrows pointedly at backyard barbecues, and lure the unsuspecting into lower case “trouble.” 

Wolfgang Weber
Never met a wave he wouldn’t swim, a wind he wouldn’t sail, a wall he wouldn’t climb, or a cookie he wouldn’t eat. 

The EXIT Theatre
Hallowed Halls of Theatre that have sheltered so many of us, may they never fall, but forever house our sacred artform with a multitude of champagne cocktails.

Plus 40 additional unnamed donors!

Many thanks to everyone! We couldn’t do it without you!

Support Our Fundraiser!

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The San Francisco Olympians Festival is in its seventh year, and continues to be one of the best opportunities for writers, directors, and actors to come together and create new, passionate art together! This year we are excited to debut 22 new plays by 23 local writers, 10 of whom will be contributing written work to the festival for the first time! Each play explores a different underworld legend or god from Greek or Egyptian mythology- but we can’t do it without you!


The San Francisco Olympians Festival has been gaining momentum since its first year, with twelve plays that were commissioned by the festival having gone on to full productions: 2010’s Hermes (No Nude Men Productions, Dramaworks, Bread and Water Theatre), Juno En Victoria (Wily West Productions), and Salty Towers (Thunderbird Theater Company); 2011’s Cassiopeia (Eat Street Players), Chronus (Bread and Water Theatre), You’re Going To Bleed (DIVAFest), and Pleiades (No Nude Men Productions); 2013’s Take Me Home: a One-woman Odyssey (Salon San Carlos, Lucy Tafler Presents, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival); 2014’s Satyr Night Fever (San Francisco Theater Pub), Centaur or The Horse’s Ass (Repurposed Theatre) and The Dryad of Suburbia (PianoFight); 2015’s Cymopoleia or Wave Walker (Pear Avenue Theatre). Many have also received additional readings on local and national stages, including: 2010’s Juno En Victoria (Pacific Play Company); 2011’s Joe Ryan (Impact Theatre), Pleiades (Atlantic Stage), Io (Eat Street Players), and Selene, or Someone Like The Moon (EXIT Theatre); 2012’s Caenis and Poseidon (Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco, City Lights Theater), and Twins (San Francisco State, Custom Made Theatre Company); 2013’s Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats (Dramatist Guild) and See Also All (Otherworld Theatre Company); 2014’s Beauty Secrets (Cutting Ball Theatre Company); 2015’s You’ll Not Feel The Drowning and Oceanus (Custom Made Theatre Company). 2013’s Walls Of Troy was a finalist for the Stanley Drama Award and the entire festival won “Playwriting Series Most Likely to Win a Gold Medal” from the SF Bay Guardian in 2013. Additionally, EXIT Press has released a collection of five plays from Year One of the festival, Songs of Hestia, and ten plays from Year Two, Heavenly Bodies, both available for purchase on and at bookstores across the country. Find out more at


Since 2010 the festival has featured the work of 89 Writers, 65 Directors, 358 Actors, and 34 Fine Artists!

This year’s writers include Stuart Bousel, Alan Coyne, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Adan Falcon, Patsy Fergusson, Elizabeth Flanagan, Neil Higgins, Julianne Jigour, Barbara Jwanouskos, Christine Keating, Kathryn Kruse, Charles Lewis III, Rebecca Longworth, Jason Mendez, Tonya Narvaez, Nirmala Nataraj, Jeanie Ngo, Alan Olejniczak, Jovelyn Richards, Kirk Shimano, Marissa Skudlarek, Oren Stevens, David Templeton, Veronica Tjioe

This year’s directors include Dale Albright, Christine Keating, Charles Lewis III, Melanie Lindow, Nicole Menez, Laylah Muran de Assereto, Emma Nicholls, Adam Odsess-Rubin, Adam Palafox, Jovelyn Richards, Katja Rivera, Ellery Schaar, Michelle Talgarow, Steven Westdahl

This year’s fine artists include Christopher Bauman, Che Belcher, Molly Benson, Sam Bertken, Donald Bolin, Liz Conley, Ashlyn Grantham, Brett Grunig, Lacey Hill Hawkins, Hannah Laws, Emily C. Martin, Ashley Key Ramos, Cody A. Rishell, Rachel Vanderpool, Brian Eye

What We Need!

It’s this simple: we need $4800.

What does that go to?

Well, $400 goes to various processing fees, so in reality we’re trying to raise $4,400, $3,900 of which goes to paying our rent at the EXIT Theatre. The EXIT provides us not only a venue for the work to be seen (including the art work commissioned for this year’s festival, which stays up all through the month of October), but also some rehearsal space each night, and space for our auditions (attended by over 120 actors!) and opening party (which this year includes a short new play by Charles Lewis III). The remaining $500, should we meet out goal, goes to the printing of programs, posters, postcards, and all the other materials that a festival of our size requires- all of which we do as cost-effectively as possible, and yet still somehow ends up a sizable chunk of change. By starting the festival with these base operating costs met, however, we’re able to maximize what we give our artists by turning over the bulk of the box office of each night to the writers, actors, and directors. Help keep alive the tradition of everyone at the festival getting paid something, while also helping to support the bastion of indie art that is the EXIT Theatre!


And of course- please come to the festival! You can make reservations at or buy tickets at the door the night of the festival!

Announcing The 2016 Olympians!

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Thank you to everyone who came out for this year’s festival! We loved having such full houses and getting all the tremendous feedback our audiences provide!

We’re excited to announce next year’s Olympians, and look forward to bringing you more exciting new theater with the coming year!

SF Olympians Festival VII: Harvest of Mysteries

October 5, 2016
DEMETER- Stuart Bousel

October 6, 2016
DIONYSUS- Adan Falcon

October 7, 2016
HECATE- Neil Higgins
HADES- Jason Mendez

October 8, 2016
PERSEPHONE- Kathryn Kruse

October 12, 2016
ACHERON- Patsy Fergusson
STYX- Christine Keating
LETHE- Alan Olejniczak

October 13, 2016
THE FURIES- Rebecca Longworth

October 14, 2016
ASCALAPHUS- Elizabeth Flanagan
CHARON- Bridgette Dutta Portman
MACARIA- Marissa Skudlarek

October 15, 2016
THANATOS- Barbara Jwanouskos, Julianne Jigour
MORPHEUS- Kirk Shimano
HYPNOS- Alan Coyne

October 19, 2016
ANUBIS- David Templeton

October 20, 2016
ISIS- Jovelyn Richards
NEPTHYS- Veronica Tjioe

October 21, 2016
OSIRIS- Tonya Narvaez
SET- Nirmala Nataraj

October 22, 2016
RA- Jeanie Ngo

The SF Olympians Festival VI: Wine Dark Sea is HERE!

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Come sail the Wine Dark Sea With Us!

Since 2010 the festival has featured the work of 78 Writers, 57 Directors, 290 Actors, and 34 Fine Artists!

This year we are excited to debut 30 new plays by 31 local writers– 10 of whom will be contributing written work to the festival for the first time! The plays range from shorts to one-acts to full-lengths, and each one explores a different aquatic legend or god from Greek mythology. Each night will also feature a monologue written by festival founder, Stuart Bousel, and performed by actress Allison Page, under the direction of Ariel Craft.

The 2015 festival will play 12 nights, November 4-21, Wednesday through Saturday, at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco (156 Eddy Street). Tickets are $10.00 at the door, and can be purchased starting at 7:30 the night of the show, or in advance for $12 at Brown Paper Tickets:

All shows begin at 8 PM. Audience members who attend more than four nights get the fifth free!

Week One: THE DIVINE AQUATIC (11/4-11/7)

Wednesday, November 4: The Trumpeter

TRITON, or THINNER THAN by John Lennon Harrison, directed by Cecelia Harrison
Who needs family when you have a multiplicity of yourself to blow conches and control the water working against the mayhem of politically troubled waters, a wandering one-eyed pirate, trippy divinity, voices of a miserable past and the beckoning of a more pleasant future without any of them?

Thursday, November 5: A Bevy of Beauties
Directed by Stuart Bousel

THETIS by Neil Higgins
A desperate, young farmer is about to find out what happens when you accidentally pray at the wrong temple.

INO LEUCOTHEA by Christian Simonsen
In a post-apocalyptic world, is Mankind really more noble that the carrion-eating

PSAMATHE by Kathryn Kruse
Even gods have to deal with annual employee performance reviews.

DORIS by Sabina Piersol
Doris has played the good wife for centuries. No longer inspired by dwelling in her revered husband’s safe embrace, and tired of being worshipped mainly for her award-winning crab cakes, Doris goes rogue and flies The Fish Trap.

BRIZO by Carson Beker
The one about the sailor who fell in love with an octopus, the one about the drunken sailor and the rusty razor, the one about the 14 year old sailor who enlisted to see the world, the one about the goddess who was supposed to protect them.

One woman. Two paths. One choice.

CYMOPOLEIA by Bridgette Dutta Portman
One year after losing her young daughter in a drowning accident, a mother returns to the beach where it happened to seek an apology from the goddess of violent waves. But how does one elicit empathy from a force of nature indifferent to human suffering?

Teuta was a Pirate Queen, Who ruled the wine dark sea; Bold and beautiful was she, But mad as mad could be.

Friday, November 6: Old Men of the Sea

NEREUS and PROTEUS, or NO CLOSER THAN THE BONE– Colin Johnson, directed by Vince Faso
A group of friends and lovers surround a disenfranchised millenial who has grown so removed from the world around him, that he has developed an imaginary friend. What is initially a harmless coping mechanism soon takes a darker turn as questions about relationships, grudges and reality itself slowly forms the imaginary friend into a malevolent physical presence.

Saturday, November 7: The Ruling Couple

POSEIDON, or THE ADVENTURES OF NEPTUNE: IN COLOR! by Charles Lewis III, directed by Charles Lewis III
A groundbreaking television series is about to celebrate its anniversary. Which means it’s the worst time to reveal secrets about the series’ beloved creator.

AMPHITRITE, or SEA WITCH by Genne Murphy, directed by Jeffrey Lo
Lia, a young card shark in a seaside casino town, meets Sea Witch – a local fisherwoman. Sea Witch grants Lia a wish she soon regrets.

Week Two: ARGONAUTICA (11/11-11/14)

Wednesday, November 11: The Crew
Directed by Steven Westdahl

Act One: Singles

ATALANTA by Steven Westdahl
The huntress Atalanta interrupts a Segway tour of Atlanta and chaos ensues.

ORPHEUS by Megan Cohen
Ten minutes of life through the eyes and earbuds of a modern commuter who’s just discovered the most beautiful song in the world. This play is about listening: about what we block out, and about what we let in.

TELAMON, or FORTRESS FOUND by Laylah Muran de Assereto
After a life of adventure and victory, Telamon finds himself forgotten and captive to pirates, but it might be the fortress within that decides his fate.

ADMETUS, or TO THE LIGHT ALIVE by Jennifer Lynne Roberts
Admetus, a man so loved that his wife took his place in death and a demi-god rescued her on his behalf, now must face underlying resentments and insecurities that threaten the couple’s joyous reunion.

Act Two: Pairs

When you already share everything else with your identical twin, would you be willing to give up the one thing that makes you unique?

CALAIS/ZETES, or DOWNED by Seanan Palmero
Two brothers on the trail of one harpy of an escaped con find themselves — and their aircraft– downed in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Fated to die if they cannot catch what they pursue, one wishes to continue on and the other wishes to turn back.

PELEUS/LAERTES by Ashley Cowan
n honor of the Father of Christmas, two Marina bros, anxious to return to the festivities of SantaCon in San Francisco, attend a new dads only parenting class.

HERACLES/HYLAS by Alan Olejniczak
Herakles learns his belovèd Hylas is held hostage. What will the hero do to save his life?

Thursday, November 12: The Captain

JASON, or JASONS by Allison Page, directed by Adam Sussman
Voorhees. Bateman. Statham. Alexander. 20 famous Jasons relive the story of Jason & The Argonauts. From Priestley to Bourne, they’ll tell it — come hell or multiple monsters. If only they could keep Voorhees from chopping everybody up with a machete, and Mraz from singing a folksy love song about it.

Friday, November 13: The Girl

MEDEA, or KILL YOUR DARLINGS by Sam Hurwitt, directed by Evren Odcikin
If all you know is the whole kid-killing thing, you don’t know Medea. Twenty years and a few more dead bodies later, she’s looking for a place to settle for the rest of her days. Who wants to be the one to turn her away?

Saturday, November 14: The Ship

THE ARGO, or HERO’s JOURNEY by Jeremy Cole, directed by Jeremy Cole
Imagine your history repeating itself like an M.C. Escher drawing, circling around itself with no end in sight. Now imagine you could break the pattern… Would you?

Week Three: FATHOMLESS BLUE (11/18-11/21)

Wednesday, November 18: Masters of the Surf

DELPHIN I, or CHRISTIAN TEEN DOLPHIN-SEX BEACH PARTY by Anthony R. Miller, directed by Colin Johnson
A bizarre comedy-fable that takes shots at religion, Americas love of sensationalism, and internet fame.

DELPHIN II, or DELPHIN AND THE CHILDREN OF AMPHITRITE by Kathy Gilbert, directed by Terry Boero
Delphin, a spy, convinces Amphitrite, his half-sister and a fugitive dancer from Naxos, to wed his boss and God of the Seas, Poseidon; discover what their lives are like forty years later as the family gathers at Amphitrite’s jail cell.

Thursday, November 19: Island Rulers
Directed by Claire Rice

AEOLUS by Kirk Shimano
A starship captain encounters an alien race with three argumentative souls in one body. But why is the human the one fighting himself?

CIRCE, or BREAK ROOM by Rachel Bublitz
It’s not blackmail. It’s true love.

Friday, November 20: Ocean Titanic
OCEANUS by Daniel Hirsch and Siyu Song, directed by Sara Staley
The vengeful gods must be punishing us. The internet is down.

TETHYS, or YOU’LL NOT FEEL THE DROWNING by Marissa Skudlarek, directed by Marissa Skudlarek
The citizens of a small town on the Oregon coast are no strangers to shipwrecks, floods, and deaths at sea. But are they prepared for the day the waters will rise and drown everything they’ve ever loved?

Saturday, November 21: The Bottomless Deep
PONTOS by Meghan Kathleen O’Connor, directed by Ellery Schaar
Andrea has a big decision on her hands: fight against the rising sea levels, or dive head first into them.

This year’s acting company includes: Layne Austin, Alicia Bales, Molly Benson, Sam Bertken, Eli Bishop, Alexaendrai Bond, Diana Brown, Richard Robert Bunker, Darek Burkowski, Karen Caronna, Jayme Catalano, Jody Christian, Andrew Chung, Tony Cirimele, Melissa Claire, Megan Cohen, Tom Cokenias, Jeremy Cole, Stefin Collins, Alan Coyne, Sarah Shoshana David, Nora Doane, Matt Donovan, Daphne Dorman, Danielle Doyle, Alisha Ehrlich, Caitlin Evenson, Jacque Frankle, James Grady, Danielle Gray, Benjamin Grubb, Matt Gunnison, Michelle Hair, Abdulrahim Harara, Don Hardwick, Timothy Huls, Colin Hussey, Christine Jamlig, Paul Jennings, Claire Karoly, Heather Kellogg, Caitlin Kenney, Aaron Kitchins, Dan Kurtz, Scott Leonard, Brian Levi, Charles Lewis III, Melanie Lindow, Charisse Loriaux, Yasmine Love, Carl Lucania, Torin Lusebrink, Juliana Lustenader, Melanie Marshall, Brian Martin, Marilet Martinez, Bruna Matsin, Stacey Matthews-Winn, Celia Maurice, Kyle McReddie, Theresa Miller, Peter Molof, Katharine Otis, Sunil Patel, Jason Pencowski, Georgia Perry, Laura Peterson, Genevieve Purdue, Nickolas Rice, Becky Raeta, Radhika Rao, Leer Relleum, Pim Robert, Amanda Rosenberg, Elena Ruggiero, Kim Saunders, Heather Shaw, Marissa Skudlarek, Dillon Siedentopf, Jeunee Simon, Sarah Sloan, Emily Stone, David J. Suhl, Jacinta Sutphin, Ron Talbot, Kitty Torres, Jeffrey Trescott, Jocelyn Truitt, Aaron Tworek, Katie Waddle, Mike Walsh, Kendra Webb, Mark Weddle, Ginny Wehrmeister, Matthew Weinberg, Ryan Patrick Welsh, Richard Wenzel, Steven Westdahl, Alison Whismore, Asedo Wilson, Wayne Wong, Tracy Wray, Janice Wright

This year’s fine artists include: Molly Benson, Emmalee Carole, Elizabeth Conley, Brett Grunig, Lacey Hill Hawkins, Emily C. Martin, Tonya Narvaez, Ashley Ramos, Cody A. Rishell, Aliana Rood, and Brian Yee

The art will be on display at the EXIT Theatre the entire month of November!


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We’re excited to publish the list of our 2015 Olympians Festival donors!

This list is only partial. Some donors choose to remain anonymous, and many people donate in ways other than cash: their time, their energy, their expertise, their network, etc. Behind every festival, every theater production, there is always a plethora of people coming together in a myriad of ways to make it happen. No donor list or program credits are ever truly comprehensive.

To all the people on this list, and all the people who aren’t on it, thank you for all you do to make this vision a reality. The festival couldn’t happen without you, and we hope you love all the great work that comes out of it, the result of all the love and support you put in.

Paul Anderson
Christina Augello
William Scott Baker
Charles A Belov
Robin Bousel
Andrew J. Calabrese
Louise Castaldi
Andrew Chung
Mary Ann Bell
Megan Briggs
Deepanshu Dutta
Robert Estes
The EXIT Theatre
Matt Gunnison
Brian Katz
Christine Keating
Katherine Kessinger
Rachel Kessinger
Dan B. Kurtz
Carol S. Lashof
Carl Lucania
Laylah Muran de Assereto
Daniel K. Ng
Alan Olejniczak
Diana Rishell
Annette Roman
Kirk A. Shimano
Siyu Song
Elizabeth H. Spreen
Kevin Trowbridge
Meghan Trowbridge
Claire Westdahl
Wine & Spirits Magazine

Audition For The 2015 San Francisco Olympians Festival!

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The San Francisco Olympians Festival is returning and will need dozens of actors for its 2015 festival which plays November 4 to November 21st.

No Nude Men Productions, one of San Francisco’s longest running indy theater troupes, will roll out 30 new plays written by 31 local writers, each one drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek legends about the sea.

Each of these 30 plays will receive a dramatic reading at the EXIT Theater, and for that we’ll need actors, so if you’re the kind of person who can rock a dramatic reading, we’d love to have you join us in a continuing tradition of creating exciting new work that showcases the diverse talents of some of San Francisco’s best playwrights!

Rehearsals will all be in October and November, and will involve 3-5 MAX for each show.

Auditions are September 27, 2 PM to 9 PM, and September 28, 7-9:30 PM, at the EXIT (156 Eddy Street, San Francisco). Please e-mail to schedule an audition slot.

Auditions will consist of reading aloud passages of text we choose ahead of time. Please bring a headshot and resume. Leave yourself at least half an hour to get through the audition process.

There is a small stipend, determined by attendance each night of the festival (i.e. you get a percentage of the box office).

If scheduling permits (and you’re interested), all actors will be considered for multiple plays.

For more information about the festival and the individual plays and authors, check out or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Please pass this on to any actors you may know!

Sorry, but we can not use AEA performers for this event.

This year’s writers are: Carson Beker, Rachel Bublitz, Megan Cohen, Jeremy Cole, Ashley Cowan, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Kathy Gilbert, John Lennon Harrison, Neil Higgins, Alandra Hileman, Daniel Hirsch, Sam Hurwitt, Colin Johnson, Kathryn Kruse, Charles Lewis III, Anthony R. Miller, Laylah Muran de Assereto, Genne Murphy, Meghan Kathleen O’Connor, Alan Olejniczak, Allison Page, Seanan Palmero, Sunil Patel, Sabina Piersol, Madeline Puccioni, Jennifer Lynne Roberts, Kirk Shimano, Christian Simonsen, Marissa Skudlarek, Siyu Song, Steven Westdahl

This year’s directors are: Terry Boero, Stuart Bousel, Jeremy Cole, Vince Faso, Cecilia Harrison, Colin Johnson, Charles Lewis III, Jeffrey Lo, Evren Odcikin, Claire Rice, Ellery Schaar, Marissa Skudlarek, Sara Staley, Adam Sussman, Steven Westdahl

Opening Submissions for Olympians 2016!

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Want to write for the Olympians Festival?

Well, now is your chance!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2016 San Francisco Olympians Festival, a multi-discipline, nationally and internationally recognized new works theater festival based at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco!

Proposals due by midnight on September 30th, with the line-up for next year’s festival to be announced 11/1/2015. Our first meeting will be on December 13 of 2015.

The festival will take place in October of 2016, from October 5-October 22, Wedesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8 PM, at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco.

Each night of the festival will consist of the staged reading of either a full-length play or a series of shorts, inspired by the mythical gods and heroes of Ancient Greece. The subjects, and the lengths of the plays we’re looking for, are specified below.

There are no submission fees. The Olympians Festival is non-exclusive and does not retain ownership of any play created for it, beyond the initial staged reading. Participating writers should be local (San Francisco and the greater Bay Area), and will be expected to help promote the festival and contribute a raffle prize of their choice to be raffled off to the audience on the night their play is read. Writers are also expected to attend 4-6 meetings over the course of the year, and our auditions, which happen in August/September.

Writers are encouraged to submit as many proposals as they want for as many topics as they like. Applications for a topic can be submitted by individuals or writers can work in pairs, or teams of three or more. Writers may be picked for more than one project, and should note that they’d like to be considered for more than one (or not). Each proposal should be 500 words or less and answer three questions:

1) Why you?

2) Why this figure?

3) What is your idea?

All proposals should be submitted electronically to Stuart at

We are an equal opportunity festival and all Bay Area writers are encouraged to apply.

2016′s subjects are as follows. Only one is currently claimed and submissions are encouraged for all of the rest:


Week One: THE GRAVE (10/5-10/8)

Wednesday, October 5: The Door
FULL LENGTH: Demeter (CLAIMED), goddess of the harvest and agriculture, mother of Persephone, and the central figure of the Eleusinian Mysteries, she taught humankind how to farm and harvest, and was mistress of the four seasons.

Thursday, October 6: The Hall
ONE-ACT: Dionysus, god of wine, theater, madness and resurrection.

ONE-ACT: Hermes Chthonius, guide of the newly dead to the kingdom of Hades and god of mathematics and spellcasting.

Friday, October 7: The Chamber
ONE-ACT: Hades, King of the dead, god of wealth and secrets, devoted husband of Persephone who he seduced or abducted, depending on your reading, and made his queen.
ONE-ACT: Hecate, the New Moon, goddess of birth and death, ritual magic, women, crossroads, ghosts, handmaiden to Persephone.

Saturday, October 8: The Window
FULL LENGTH: Persephone, Queen of the dead, goddess of change and transformation, cycles, sorrow and joy, the other central figure of the Eleusinian Mysteries, said to be able to trap beauty in a box that if opened would cast the opener into eternal sleep.

Week Two: KINGDOM OF SHADOWS (10/12-10/15)

Wednesday, October 12: The Guardians
ONE-ACT: Acheron, the river of pain.
ONE-ACT: Lethe, the river of forgetfulness.
ONE-ACT: Styx, the river of hate.

Thursday, October 13: The Judges
ONE-ACT: Aeacus, “The Keyholder”, judge of the people of Europe, lord of Asphodel, caster of the first vote on the fate of the newly departed
ONE-ACT: Rhadamanthys, “The Soul Readerjudge of the people of Asia, lord of Elysium, caster of the second vote on the fate of the newly departed
ONE-ACT: Minos, “The Stone Caster”, judge of the people of Africa, lord of Tartarus, caster of the deciding vote on the fate of the newly departed

Friday, October 14: The Servants
ONE-ACT: Ascalaphus, the attendant of the orchards of the dead, he gave Persephone the pomegranate that sealed her ascension as Queen of the Dead
ONE-ACT: Charon, boatman of the dead who ferried new souls into Hades over the richer Acheron for the price of one obal each
ONE-ACT: Macaria, daughter of Hades and Persephone, goddess of the blessed dead, princess of the Isles of the Blessed

Saturday, October 15: The Princes
ONE-ACT: Hypnos, the white-winged god of sleep, brother of Morpheus and Thanatos
ONE-ACT: Morpheus, the gray-winged god of dreams, brother of Hypnos and Thanatos
ONE-ACT: Thanatus, the black-winged god of death, brother of Morpheus and Hypnos

Week Three: THE CRADLE (10/19-10/22)

Wednesday, October 19: The Midwife
FULL LENGTH: Anubis, the jackal-headed god of embalming and the gate-keeper of the underworld, servant to Ra and son of Nephthys, secret son of Osiris

Thursday, October 20: The Mother
ONE-ACT: Isis, the rainbow-winged goddess of magic, birth, power, dreams, healing and joy, wife of Osiris, she brings him back to life after he is murdered by his brother Set and conceives his child, the hawk-headed god, Horus
ONE-ACT: Nephthys, the sister of Isis, mother of Anubis by Osiris, though wife to Set, the goddess of devotion, sorrow, service, loyalty, she aids her sister in the resurrection of Osiris so he will protect her son, Anubis, in the Underworld.

Friday, October 21: The Father
ONE-ACT: Osiris, the mummified god of resurrection, hope and kindness, and the judge of the dead, husband of Isis, father of Anubis, brother of Set, who murders him
ONE-ACT: Set, the hyena-headed god of death and evil, darkness and lies, husband of Nephthys and brother of Osiris, who he murders

Saturday, October 22: The Baby
FULL LENGTH: Ra, the falcon-headed god of the Sun, the all-seeing eye, father of everything, creator of the Earth and the Sky, the Sea and the Underworld. He was born every morning and died every night only to be reborn again.

Length Guidelines:
One-Act (night of 2): 45-70 minutes long
One-Act (night of 3): 30-45 minutes long
Full-Length: 55+ minutes

Find out more about the festival at or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome to 2015!

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Check out Art Director Cody Rishell’s amazing image for this year’s festival, WINE DARK SEA! And be sure to keep your eye on this page for further updates about all the exciting art, artists, new plays, and more coming this year!



Announcing The 2014 San Francisco Olympians Festival!

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The Monster Ball is Here!

This year we are excited to debut 28 new plays by 30 local writers– 13 of whom will be contributing written work to the festival for the first time! The plays range from shorts to one-acts to full-lengths, and each one explores a different monster from Greek mythology. The 2014 festival will play 12 nights, November 5-22, Wednesday through Saturday, at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco (156 Eddy Street). Tickets are $10.00 at the door, and can be purchased starting at 7:30 the night of the show. All shows begin at 8 PM. Audience members who attend more than four nights get the fifth free.

This year’s fine artists include: Molly Benson, Liz Conley, Maxon Crumb, Brett Grunig, Lacey C. Hawkins, Rusty Jackson, Emily C. Martin, Tonya Narvaez, Ashley Ramos, Cody Rishell, Aliana Rood, Michelle Talgarow, Brian Yee. The art will be on display at the EXIT Theatre the entire month of November!

This year’s lineup, all shows beginning at 8 PM.

November 5: Nymphs! Nymphs! Nymphs!

ASTERIAE or KING SISYPHUS by Bridgette Dutta Portman, directed by Valerie Fachman
When you’re trying to cheat death, it helps to have an immortal star-nymph as a wife. Or does it? A play in verse about the trickster Sisyphus and his wife, the Pleiad Merope.

DRYADS or THE DRYAD OF SUBURBIA by Marissa Skudlarek, directed by Valerie Fachman
In a suburban neighborhood blighted by both conformity and drought, Tom and Heidi’s daughter is convinced that she’s a tree spirit. Is this an innocent childhood game or a harmful delusion?

LAMPADES or LAMP RITUAL by Sam Bertken, Scott Baker
What is your greatest fear? Darkness? Madness? Losing a loved one? The reading of Lamp Ritual profiles an experiential piece that seeks to conquer your darkest nightmares.

NAIADS by Jennifer Roberts, directed by Valerie Fachman
When the CEO of Archon Energy, the world’s most powerful utility company, tries to greenwash away responsibility for dumping toxins into a dying river, a Naiad tries to inspire her to reconsider, but who will pay the ultimate price?

NEPHELE by Siyu Song, directed by Scott Baker
Watch Zeus take to the latest trend in online dating as he Catfishes an unsuspecting human – what happens at 6:34 of this play will ASTOUND you.

NEREIDS or THE WEAVERS by Sam Hurwitt, directed by Scott Baker
Odysseus is gone again, and Penelope isn’t waiting around anymore. Looking up all her husband’s old girlfriends, she finds the sea nymph Calypso spoiling for a fight.

OCEANIDS or THE DAUGHTERS OF OCEAN by Carol Lashof, directed by Valerie Fachman
In the war to restore Paganism, Prometheus has been taken captive by the ruling Christian Theocratic party. His wife, the sea nymph Hesione, is desperate to rescue him, but to reach his side she must cross a terrifying human city crowded with air-breathers, highways, and big box stores.

OREADS or POWER FORWARD by Leah Halper, directed by Scott Baker
Chelone, a mountain nymph and protector of tortoises, is the only immortal to stand up to Zeus on the matter of his coerced marriage to Hera–but her defiance may be contagious in this Silicon Valley re-conception of the myth that explained why tortoises have shells.

November 6: Half-Men

CENTAURS or THE HORSE’S ASS by Megan Cohen, directed by Ellery Schaar
A postmodern vaudeville comedy for two hilarious women, who spend a fleet forty minutes taking turns being the butt of the joke. Writer Megan Cohen (SF’s most-produced female playwright, Theatre Bay Area “Keep An Eye On” Emerging Artist Honoree, Neo-Futurist) saddles up history’s greatest half-human half-equine metaphor for a ride through power dynamics, carrots, and sticks.

SATYRS or SATYR NIGHT FEVER by Annette Roman and Bryant Turnage, directed by Greg Young
Since when did “horny as a goat” become a bad thing? A satyr who’s lost his mojo hires a modern-day pick-up artist as a dating coach in this bawdy romantic comedy exploring dating taboos past and present, real and mythic.

November 7: Winged Wonder

PEGASUS or PEGASUS: THE MOVIE (THE PLAY) by Kirk Shimano, directed by Sam Tillis
The story of the myth-makers of today, as a ragtag visual effect company scrambles to create an all-digital creature without destroying themselves in the process.

November 8: The Lord of The Beasts

PAN or PANDEMONIUM by Stuart Bousel, directed by Stuart Bousel
In a first for the festival, Stuart Bousel adapts six stories by E.M. Forster into a sprawling epic about a group of travelers whose lives are forever changed by a shared afternoon in the hills of Italy.

November 12: Deadly Dragons

TYPHON or THE BOOK OF TYPHON by Colin Johnson, directed by Colin Johnson
When a bizarre, withered text falls into the possession of one Malcolm Bodwin, it exposes him to the world’s oldest, most unspeakable evil.

HYDRA by Tonya Narvaez, directed by Tonya Narvaez
A family’s monsters come back to terrorize them. How far will they go to hide their past?

November 13: Evil Eyes

ARGUS by Peter Hsieh, directed by Rory Strahan-Mauk
After an embarrassing “Swan incident” scandal, Hera summons super surveillance drone Argus to spy on her husband Zeus. Trouble ensues when Hera discovers that Zeus had picked up a girl he met at a night club and turned her into a heifer in order to keep her hidden. Featuring sex, violence, blackmail, scandal, indestructible private jets, Ryan Gosling Mods, and Lars Von Trier’s entire filmography.

POLYPHEMUS by Vince Faso, directed by Rory Strahan-Mauk
Polyphemus, the hulking, savage, man-eating Cyclops, was outsmarted, blinded, and humiliated by the crafty Odysseus. Years later, when fate brings them together again, will there be room for forgiveness, or just dessert?

November 14: Three Heads Too Many

CERBERUS or HELLHOUND by Allison Page, directed by Allison Page
Six attractive 18 year olds fueled by teenage lust go camping in the woods and stumble across The River Styx, causing a three headed monster to pursue them with bloody fervor. It’s The Breakfast Club meets Cabin In The Woods meets a giant three-headed hellhound. Button up that letterman jacket – it’s going to be a bumpy night.

CHIMERA by Annie Paladino, directed by Addie Ulrey
A patchwork play for a patchwork monster, CHIMERA smashes together three stories–from the past, a dreamy version of the present, and an imagined future–of women who are not at ease in their own skin. Literary heroines, a woman whose body is literally coming apart at the seams, and a robotic superhero toy in need of a replacement head are spliced together to form the ugly, baffling monster that is this play.

November 15: Lone Hunters

GERYON or THE RED HOUSE MONSTER by Rachel Bublitz, directed by Ariel Craft
The largest house on the island sits high upon a hill, chains wrap around the doors and windows. No one can remember if these barricades were intended to keep the villagers out, or to keep the inhabitants within.

MINOTAUR by Veronica Tjioe, directed by Veronica Tjioe
A play for anyone who has ever felt lost and a profound sense of “in-betweeness” and would please like to know which way is out, thankyouverymuch. It is also good for lovers of cheap wine, close friends, and the merits of a nice ball of string.

November 19: Triple Threats

SIRENS or THE SISTERS SIRENE by Amelia Bethel and Christine Keating, directed by Libby Vega
The five Siren sisters have been maintaining chaos and bringing sexy back for millennia, but what happens when one sister longs for a new, less brutal, life? If you like sex and gore, with a sprinkle of mythological fervor, you’ll love The Sisters Sirene.

THE GRAEAE by Madeline Puccioni, directed by Libby Vega
The Three Graeae are the oldest goddesses in the world…so old they only have one eye and one tooth between them. Enyo’s the grumpiest, Deino is the best chef, and Pamphredo can still shape shift into a swan or a siren…sometimes both. Then she falls in love with Perseus, who will betray them all to find out where their sister Medusa lives…

HARPIES by Victoria Chong Der, directed by Libby Vega
Never mess with sisters.

November 20: Dangerous Brains

SPHINX by Jeremy Geist, directed by Christine Keating
After Oedipus guesses the Sphinx’s riddle, the Sphinx’s writing staff desperately tries to come up with a new one.

November 21, 2014: Dangerous Beauty

MEDUSA or BEAUTY SECRETS * by Andrew Saito, directed by Rem Myers
Medusa, a Kim Kardashian-esque celebrity, has an accident that severely scars her face and head while filming her first major movie, playing Helen of Troy. She retreats into seclusion. Years later, Medusa takes a blind sculptor as her live-in lover. His brother, Percy, an Air Force veteran, soon visits. He recognizes Medusa from her former life, and decides to share her face with the world.

* Beauty Secrets by Andrew Saito was co-commissioned by the Cutting Ball Theater where Saito is the current Andrew Mellon Foundation Playwright in Residence.

November 22: Vagina Dentata

CHARYBDIS by Ashley Cowan, directed by Melinda Marks
It’s the night before Thanksgiving in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Only, things aren’t that anonymous when you’re starving and you run into your old high school classmates. So grab a snack and learn the tale of the lady who turned a sea monster for having an appetite.

ECHIDNA by Neil Higgins, directed by Melinda Marks
A serial killer is terrorizing San Francisco. Can gritty, play-by-his-own-rules Detective Argus stop the killer in time? Or has he finally met his match?

SCYLLA or DEATH BY THE HALF-DOZEN by Christian Simonsen, directed by Melinda Marks
Scylla is about to devour six of Odysseus’ battle-weary sailors. But instead of hungry reptilian jaws, each victim will see a vision of the one person in his life that inflicted – or received – the most pain. Are a woman’s tears really sharper than a serpent’s tooth?

Our incredible acting company this year includes Vonn Scott Bair, Erika Bakse, Patrick Barresi, Stuart Bousel, Molly Benson, Megan Briggs, Xanadu Bruggers, Sarah Rose Butler, Andrew Calabrese, Andrew Chung, Tony Cirimele, Megan Cohen, George Coker, Michael Conner, Alan Coyne, Colleen Egan, Juliana Egley, Alisha Ehrlich, Fatima Zahra El Filali, Nkechi Emeruwa, Angela Entzminger, Caitlin Evenson, Vince Faso, Allison Fenner, Jean Forsman, Rose Marie Fox, Frankie G., Tim Garcia, Jan Gilbert, Lorenz Gonzalez, James Grady, Ben Grubb, Matt Gunnison, Audrey Hannah, Mary Cait Hogan, Monica Ho, J Jha, Shelley Lynn Johnson, Heather Kellogg, Gabriel Kenney, Sunee Kiernan, Annabelle King, Abni Kris, Katrina Kroetch, Dan Kurtz, Keith Larson, Maria Leigh, William Leschber, Charles Lewis III, Carl Lucania, Adam Magill, Brian Martin, Mary Matabor, Stacey Matthews-Winn, Carlos Mendoza, Kelvyn Mitchell, Tonya Narvaez, Trinity Nay, Eden Neuendorf, Michelle Owen, Allison Page, Sunil Patel, Danielle Perata, Genevieve Perdue, Laura Peterson, Gabrielle Poccia, Scott Ragle, Radhika Rao, Leer Relleum, Nickolas Rice, Paul Rodrigues, Hilda Roe, Tina Rutsch, Sharon Rylander, Sophia Santulli, Kim Saunders, Karl Schackne, Samantha Schmitt, Amber Sommerfeld, Elissa Beth Stebbins, Jacinta Sutphin, Carole Swann, Sango Tajima, Ron Talbot, Griffin Taylor, Nick Trengove, Kitty Torres, Aaron Tworek, Nicky Weinbach, Matthew Weinberg, Richard Wenzel, Steven Westdahl, Teri Whipple, Indiia Wilmot, Susannah Wood, Steffanos X, Alaska Yamada, Marlene Yarosh, Jessica Yeh, Maggie Ziomek

A MONSTROUS Thank You To Our 2014 Donors!

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We’re excited to publish the list of our 2014 Olympians Festival donors!

This list is only partial. Some donors choose to remain anonymous, and many people donate in ways other than cash: their time, their energy, their expertize, their network, etc. Behind every festival, every theater production, there is always a plethora of people coming together in a myriad of ways to make it happen. No donor list or program credits are ever truly comprehensive.

To all the people on this list, and all the people who aren’t on it, thank you for all you do to make this vision a reality. The festival couldn’t happen without you, and we hope you love all the great work that comes out of it, the result of all the love and support you put in.

Paul Anderson
Larissa Archer
Christina Augello
AJ Baker
Mary Ann Bell
Magan Biggs
Jane Bousel
Robin Bousel
Megan Briggs
Rachel Bublitz
Randall F Bublitz
Fred Burke
Madeline Butler
Benjamin J. Calabrese
Michelle M. Carter
Louise Castaldi
Christine Cathcart
Lily Chih-Yuan Yang
Christie K. Chew
Andrew Chung
Shelly F Cohen
Jeremy Cole
Cecilia Comparini
Roy Conboy
Benjamin Cooper
Ashley Cowan
The Cutting Ball Theatre Company
Roberta D’Alois
Gregory Dalesandre
Theresa Donahoe
Danielle Doyle
Susan M. Dunn
M Colleen Egan
Juliana E Egley
Robert Estes
The EXIT Theatre
Valerie Fachman
Donna L. Fujita
David Gamboa
Jeremy Geist
Jan Gilbert
Gene Gore
James M Grady
Kari Gray
Matt Gunnison
Maura Halloran
Leah C. Halper
George Heymont
Peter Hsieh
Colin Hussey
Colin Johnson
Angharad Jones
Barbara M. Jwanouskos
Brian Katz
Christine Keating
Maurya Keating
Heather S. Kellogg
Katherine Kessinger
Melissa Klepetar
Kathleen Kneisel
Sylvia M. Kratins
Dan Kurtz
Stephanie Lansberg
Joyce C Lashof
William Leschber
Charles S. Lewis III
Carl Lucania
Adam Magill
Max L. Meyers
Anthony Miller
Laylah Muran de Assereto
Tonya J. Narvaez
William T Newton
Helen Noakes
James D O’Connor
Alan L Olejniczak
Amanda Ortmeyer
Allison Page
Wesley Pan
Sunil Patel
Kathleen M Payne
Jacqueline Peters
Evelyn Jean Pine
Tracy L. Potter
Bridgette A. Portman
Madeline Puccioni
Claire Rice
Kelly L. Rinehart
Jennifer Roberts
Hilda L. Roe
Annette Roman
Carina Salazar
Kirk A. Shimano
Jeunee Simon
Marissa Skudlarek
Siyu Song
Elizabeth Spreen
Joseph Tally
Veronica Tjioe
Phillip Torretto
Nicholas Trengove
Kimberly Trout
Kevin Trowbridge
Meghan Trowbridge
Eileen Tull
Elizabeth Lilia Vega
Miguel Veloz
Mary Watkins
Richard Wenzel
Clinton Winder
Wine & Spirits Magazine
Shay Wisniewski
Pearl Wong
Frederick L. Yudin