Eosphorous is the bringer of the dawn star. He is the son of Astraios, Titan god of stars and Eos the rosy fingered bringer of dawn. Because he only brings one measley star, neé planet, to the sky each day, he’s got quite the inferiority complex. “Why can’t you drive the sun around the sky like Apollo? (He’s so fancy.)” His mom has been heard to complain. His father has become increasingly more silent and distant about his offspring’s shortcomings. Last Thanksgiving family throwdown he threw a jug of nectar at them both and yelled, “At least I’m always first.” Eosphorous resides in many different pantheons, including Roman and Norse. His friends call him Lucifer and his friends are who he hangs out with when things get too heated with the family during holidays.

Of his play about Eosphorous, Sean Kelly writes:

“Imagine you’re a god. And you’ve planted a seed. And you wake up each morning and go to the styrofoam cup of existence and expect the seed to have sprouted. But it never does. How can someone as omnipotent as yourself not be able to grow a damn plant? Frustrating, right?

Now you’re a god that lives on Venus, a scientist. You have to live on venus, because your relationship with your family whether it be poly or monotheistic is hosed. Ok, let’s admit it, you’re banished to Venus and confined your lab. And the one thing that gets you, that incessantly tweaks your dental nerves, is that the damn plant won’t grow.

But it’s not a plant, it’s a whole planet.

You were misunderstood.

You were trying to help.

You know what? You will wake up one day and make that plant grow if it’s the last thing you do.

You’ll show them. You’ll show everyone.”

EPSPHOROUS by Sean Kelly
staged reading October 21, 2011

Directed by Claire Rice

Tony Cirimele (Eosphosphorus)

Stacy Sanders (Nyx)

Sean in 64 syllables:
second time climbing Mount SF Olympia
comic who writes plays, playwright who does comedy
four-time San Francisco Sketchfest participant
c3posuicides.com webmaster
software hacker database dude computer nerd
thinks xanax and catnip make for a good party

The image of Eosphorous was created by Gintah Tran. You can view his portfolio, here.