Ganymede was a prince of Troy of such remarkable beauty that he captured the attention of Zeus, king of the gods. Zeus descends to earth in the form of an eagle, one of his symbols, abducts the Trojan prince, and brings him up to Olympus to be the cup-bearer of the gods and Zeus’ lover. ‘Ganymede’ and ‘catamite,’ both derogatory phrases for homosexual, find their origins in this tale.

In Neil Higgins’ take on the myth, Senator Zeus is a charismatic Republican senator who has been making headlines of late for leading the ‘Return to Family Values’ campaign. In the middle of a storm of controversy surrounding his fellow senators, Zeus meets his new, young and handsome aide, Ganymede. The two have so much in common; they’re both charming, well-educated, Republican…and in love. To protect Zeus from being another in the sizeable list of Republican senators embroiled in controversy for their gay affairs, the two have to keep their love a secret. It is only a matter of time before Senator Zeus has to decide between his first true love or his political ambitions.

GANYMEDE by Neil Higgins
staged reading on October 28, 2011

Directed by Neil Higgins

Xanadu Bruggers (Stage Directions)

Maura Halloran (Hebe/News Reporter)

Brian Thomen (Zeus)

Nick Trengove (Ganymede)

Neil Higgins is ecstatic to be part of the second Olympians Festival. After acting in two pieces in the last festival, Neil is thrilled for the opportunity to participate this time around as a playwright and director. Entering the big bad world armed with BA’s in Theatre and English Lit, Neil finds himself the Administration Manager of The Marsh Theatre. He has been acting, writing and directing about the City and hopes that Olympians is just the beginning of his career as a playwright.

The image of Ganymede was created and printed by Liz Conley. You can view her portfolio, here.