Oldest son of Chronus and Rhea, Ruler of the Underworld, Keeper of the Dead, and owner of all the riches beneath the Earth, Hades was a fearsome god to disrespect. Given his lot in the aftermath of The War Against the Titans, Hades withdrew to the Underworld where he ruled alone. He was kept companion by his wife Persephone (the Goddess of Spring), his three headed guard dog, Cerberus, and the many heroes of Ancient Greece that came to his realm seeking the spirits of their loved ones. Though not out right worshiped as a god, he was invoked during funeral services to protect the spirits of the recently deceased. As the oldest of the Olympians, Hades never showed any resentment toward his younger brother Zeus (who had obtained the title of King of Gods) in record but history they say is written by the victors…

The ideas of warring families, sibling rivalry, duty, honor, and burying the dead is what inspired father-son team Robert and Benjamin Cooper to write Hades’ side of the story. They set Hades in modern times in the town of Colma (the place where the City of San Francisco buries its dead) among the “Titans” of the town’s political scene as well its criminal underbelly, in a period of time just before the town’s election of mayor.

HADES by Benjamin and Robert Cooper
Directed by Tracy Held Potter
staged reading December 12, 2012 at 8 PM

Brian Martin (Hades)

John Lennon Harrison (Poseidon)

Travis Howes (Zeus)

Bill Chessman (Cronos)

Theresa Miller (Hecate)

Don Hardwick (Cy)

Paul Stout (Creos)

Jeremy Cole (Crius)

Caitlin Evenson (Stage Directions/Gaia)

Robert Cooper recently appeared as Boss Finley in Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth at CCSF’s Diego Rivera Theatre. Other roles of note include Camillo in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale with the Actor’s Ensemble of Berkeley, Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman with the Spindrift Players of Pacifica and Judge Haywood in Judgment at Nuremberg with the late, lamented San Francisco Free Theatre. He has also recently worked with the San Francisco Renaissance Voices, and performed in A Match Made in Heaven (and Hell), which was part of the 4th season of the Eat Our Shorts Fest at Stage Werx. As always, Robert is indebted to his family for their love and support.

Benjamin Cooper is unbelievably excited to be a part of the 2012 Olympians play festival. His writing has appeared in Forum magazine and he has been acting in the Bay Area for several years as well. He most recently appeared as Tom Finley Jr. in Tennesse Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth at CCSF’s Diego Rivera Theatre with his father, Robert. Like father like son , he too is deeply indebted to his family.

The beautiful artwork of Hades was created by David van Patten. His work can be seen here!