Hecate, as a goddess, has had a very long life. She emerged as a figure in archaic Greek religion before Olympian mythology prevailed, and famously made a brief appearance in Shakespeare’s Macbeth thousands of years later. Some argue that her origins lie with Ancient Egypt’s fertility goddess Heqet, another goddess who existed long before her canonical pantheon counterparts were introduced, but no definitive conclusions can be drawn. Still, few figures can boast as sustained and continued a relevance as Hecate, with her extended movements throughout historical eras and folkloric traditions. Her mythological corpus can best be described in those terms: constant but fluid, indistinct but ever in motion. She is associated with crossroads, entrances, keys, dogs, frogs, witchcraft, plants and their two opposing practical employs (as poison and as medicine), and the three stages of maturity. In classical Greece, Hecate was seen as a mediator between the Olympians and the Titans, so associated with all things liminal was she. Still, there are no hard and fast tales of her deeds, no oft-repeated songs or poems in her praise. We have only our foggy, shapeless guesses at who she might have been to those who worshipped her, gray clouds at our fingertips that appear then slip away.

Of her play about Hecate, M.R. Fall writes: Worlds collide at a crossroads in the foggy moors of England.

HECATE or “You’re Going To Bleed” by M.R. Fall
staged reading October 29, 2011

Directed by Julia Heitner

Megan Briggs (Anne)

Kirsten Broadbear (Helena)

Nick Dickson (John)

Dashiell Hillman (Grahame)

Tonya Narvaez (Abigail)

Meg O’Connor (Stage Directions)

M.R. Fall is proud to be joining the San Francisco Olympians Festival for a second year. In 2010, the Festival presented a reading of her full-length drama Artemis to a sold-out crowd at the Exit Stage Left. No Nude Men, producers of the Olympians Festival, will co-produce her one-act play Test Preparation at the tenth annual Bay Area One Acts Festival at the Boxcar Theatre in March 2011. In September 2010, M.R. Fall joined the PlayGround Writers Pool in residence at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and her submission Alicia and the Dandy was selected for a Monday Night PlayGround reading in November 2010. Other short works include A Marriage of Convenience (Theatre Charity Group Festival Selection 2005), Logical Ends (Short Leaps 2009), The Gadget Lovers (San Francisco Theatre Pub 2010), and Cat-and-Mouse (Short+Sweet Festival Shortlist, Sydney, Australia 2011). Additional productions of her full-length work include Vicious Virtue and The Irreparables, winner of the 2006-2007 Eisner Prize in Literature (Prose), the University of California’s highest award in the arts. Learn more at http://www.mrfall.com.

The image of Hecate was created by Emily C. Martin. Her portfolio can be viewed, here.<