Hesperus is the morning star and the brother of Atlas. A young man so taken with the stars he disappeared in to them. He is universally loved and admired as the brightest and most beautiful star in the sky. His brother Hesperus is the evening star, shepherding in the rest of the glorious sky. They take turns bringing in the morning and the evening. Little did early astronomers know they were the same body in the sky, the planet Venus. Phosphorus, through the magic of language, is translated as “the light bringer” which is also the translation of Lucifer. And Venus is his star. Hesperus has always been seen as a star of peace an light and beauty, Lucifer was the most beautiful of the favored angels until he fell. Yet, they are and always have been the same star.

About her play Hesperus is Phosphorus, Claire Rice says: A cease fire holds, but only nearly, between heaven and hell. Hesperus and Phosphorus, representatives of the God and the Devil sit across from each other and discuss the neutral zone between good and evil. One wrong word could bring an end to the cease fire.

staged reading October 21, 2011

Directed by Claire Rice

Jason Pienkowski (Phospherous)

Kai Morrison (Hesperus)

Claire Rice was born and raised in New Mexico. She earned her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Eastern New Mexico University in Performance in 2003. She moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University where she earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Playwrighting in 2006. Thunderbird Theatre Company produced Claire’s first full length play, Pride and Succubus, in the summer of 2008. Also in 2008 she started a small theater company with Gabrielle Gomez, Ann Marie Productions, with the goal of producing their own work and the work of our friends. AMP produced five shows including Claire’s own play It Ain’t Me. Most recently Ann Marie Productions produced, with Claire directing, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lost My Virginity by Aileen Clark and John Caldon at the Exit Theatre this last November. Claire’s play Demeter was produced as a reading No Nude Men’s SF Olympians Festival in 2010. She will always be working on an adaptation of David Copperfield and recently began working on a comic book with artist Cody Rishell.

The image of Hesperus was created by Gintah Tran. You can view his portfolio, here.