Elara and Himalia, two of Jupiter’s many wives. There is very little information available about these two, so that leaves author Alison Luterman a lot of freedom to make it all up. She has envisioned Elara as the first, oldest and wisest wife of the great Jove, and Himalia as his newest bride. Himalia is idealistic and young, still wishing for a storybook romance with her much-older husband. She is disappointed that he didn’t look deeply into her eyes at the wedding ceremony. Elara tells her that loving a god is different than loving an ordinary man, and tries to teach her a thing or two about what it takes to love for the long haul—not just our puny human decades, but for all eternity….

HIMALIA by Alison Luterman
staged reading October 28, 2011

Directed by Emlyn Guiney

Xanadu Bruggers (Himalia)

Charles Lewis III (Stage Directions)

Gabrielle Motarjemi (Elara)

Alison Luterman is the author of two books of poetry, The Largest Possible Life (Cleveland State University press), and See How We Almost Fly (Pearl Editions.) Her plays include Saying Kaddish With My Sister, oasis, Hot Water, Glitter and Spew, and The Recruiter. She is a member of the improvisational dance theatre troupe Wing It!

The image of Himalia was created and printed by Liz Conley. You can view her portfolio, here.