Hyperion, son of Gaia and Ouranos, was one of the twelve Titans of Ancient Greek mythology. He helped to overthrow his father, Ouranos, the sky, by working with his brothers, Krios, Koios and Iapetos, each holding a limb of their father while their brother, Kronos, castrated him. The four subduing siblings became associated with the cardinal points of the compass, and Hyperion, father of Helios, the sun, and Eos, the dawn, became the eastern pillar holding up the cosmos and the sky apart from the earth. Considered the “lord of light” and the “God of Watchfulness and Wisdom” Hyperion is also the father of Selene, the moon.

The vision for this play finds Hyperion, the patriarch of a family of Canadian bootleggers, looking to gain a better foothold in the US during prohibition. However with a family history of violence, three very different children in line to take over, and pressure from established criminals, there’s a lot of uncertainty. He knows full well the business he’s in, what he did to his father to create and grow this enterprise, and that there are people in his line of work who would like to see his dynasty snuffed out. The times are changing, mayhem ensues, and Hyperion doubts if anything will be the same.

HYPERION by Seanan Palmero and Clint Winder
Directed by Stuart Bousel
staged reading December 15, 2012 at 8 PM

Tom Cokenias (Hyperion)

Dashiell Hillman (Helios)

Jeff Fisher (Bobbie)

Lisa Darter (Billie)

Paul Jennings (Rocco Perri)

Alaric Toy (Police Officer)

Allison Page (Eos)

Dana Goldberg (Selene)

Jessica Rudholm (Bessie)

Helen Laroche (Betsy)

Seanan Palmero is delighted to participate in the Festival this year and collaborate with Clint Winder in writing Hyperion. She wrote the shorts Scorpio and Callisto for last year’s Festival, and has worked as a dramaturg and stage manager in the Bay Area. She believes in brevity.

Clint is stoked as hell to be in such good company as this year’s fantastic lineup of writers! After 3 years spent mastering the role of a stage technician, and tirelessly honing his writing skills in a secret underground tunnel in Chinatown, Clint will now publicly take pen in hand and together with co-writer Seanan Palmero, bestow their vital contribution Hyperion to the 2012 Olympians Festival.

The image of Hyperion was created by Brandon Witte.