Iapetus was one of the Titans and brother to their king, Cronus. When the Titans sought to overthrow their tyrannical father, Uranus, Iapetus and his four brothers devised a plan. Cronus hid in a bush with a scythe while his brothers stood at the four corners of the world and pulled Uranus down from the sky. Iapetus stood in the west, earning him the moniker the pillar of the west–a title that was later given to his son Atlas when he was punished by the Olympians to hold up the heavens and earth. When the Olympians overtook the Titans, Iapetus was cast into Tartarus. Two of his sons, Prometheus and Epimetheus, bestowed gifts on humanity when it was first formed, and because of this Iapetus is often associated with mortality. But Iapetus held the most sway in the realm of knowledge, learning and invention.

Neil Higgins’ play focuses on Dr. Samos, a well-respected director of a live-in mental health hospital and an ardent skeptic and atheist. One day a patient appears without family or identification and speaking in riddles. It is when this mysterious patient begins claiming that he is the titan Iapetus that things really become complicated. Hermes, the doctor’s assistant, begins to believe the patient, but the good doctor cannot be swayed. There is a fine line between madman and prophet.

IAPETUS by Neil Higgins
Directed by Amanda Ortmayer
staged reading December 8, 2012 at 2 PM

Nikolas Strubbe (The Patient)

John Lennon Harrison (Dr. Samos)

Melissa Clason Burns (Cassandra)

Matt Gunnison (Hermes)

Mikka Bonel (Chione)

Allison Page (Stage Directions)

Neil Higgins is excited to be part of the Olympians festival for the third year running. Neil received BA’s in Theatre and English Literature from San Francisco State and has been slumming around the Sunset ever since. During the day, he is the Adminstartion Manager at The Marsh Theater in the Mission. But night, he can be found acting, writing and directing around the City. Some of his projects include: acting in Olympians I; acting, writing and directing in Olympians II; directing staged readings for Boxcar and the SF Playwrights’ Center; and acting in Thunderbird Theatre’s production of Salty Towers.

The image of Iapetus was created by Chelsea Harper, whose wonderful work can be found behind this link!