NYX is a primordial goddess, born from Chaos and the progenitor of Sleep, Death, Blame, Madness, Strife, Doom and all the other minor gods and goddesses who go bump in the night. Despite her nebulous history, she’s a powerful goddess–feared by even Zeus himself. She embodies all of mankind’s fears without being explicit in her actions. Nyx hovers on the fringes of human fears, influencing every decision while changing little, rendering her all the more influential in mankind’s daily lives.

David Duman’s play examines the many facets of Nyx’s character by placing her into every day contemporary contexts. Her dramatic proclamations are contrasted against the banality of the quotidian tasks of her personae. The objective is to raise questions about the long-term impact seemingly minor interactions can have on our everyday lives–and to make you laugh, too.

NYX by David Duman
staged reading October 15, 2011

Directed by Stuart Bousel

Kelley B. Greer (Woman)

Juliana Egley (Nyx)

Eric Hannan (Man)

David J. Duman is a Bay Area-native and Los Angeles-based playwright, filmmaker, and producer who has an abiding disdain for rating wines on a 100 point scale. His play Fishing was produced by No Nude Men Productions in 2009 in Emeryville and Open Tab Productions in 2010 in San Francisco. His play More of a Connection Than We Thought was commissioned by Open Tab Productions and produced in May 2011. He’s a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and Playwrights6. He’s also a featured wine blogger for The Huffington Post. You can learn more about David at www.davidjduman.com and you can follow him on Twitter @djduman.

The image of Nyx was created by Cody Rishell. His portfolio can be found here.