The titan Oceanus is the sun of Uranus and Gaia, and the personification of the great river believed to encircle the whole world. God of cycle, continuity, the open ocean. Fragmentary archaic drinking vessels show Oceanus with fish and serpent in hand, symbolizing bounty and prophesy. Poseidon rules the Mediterranean, whereas Oceanus came to rule to stranger, farther seas of the Atlantic.

About his play, Evan Winchester writes, “About a year ago, I saw an article in the Sacramento Bee about an accident that happened at Sea World. Two dolphins collided mid-air during a demonstration, and one of the dolphins, Sharky, died. Sharky was 32 years old. Seizing the opportunity, I wrote a scene where two Sea World employees draft their press release describing the incident. When I saw the prompt of Oceanus, I quickly put together ideas for 2 more scenes that would pick up where my original scene left off, and rounded out a one-act play. I never would have thought of where to take that scene without meeting Oceanus, god of the open ocean, cycles, and continuity. The rest involves a love story, the cataclysmic consequences of global warming, and an earnest defense of bestiality.”

OCEANUS by Evan Winchester
Directed by Cristy Crowley
staged reading December 14, 2012 at 8 PM

Annette Roman (Maura)

Kat Kneisel (Elise)

Hannah Quigg (Courtney)

Evan Winchester is a third year Creative Writing graduate student at San Francisco State University with an emphasis in prose. He frequently works with PianoFight Productions, a theater and film production company based in San Francisco. He’s from Sacramento, and as an undergraduate attended Cal where he majored in Integrative Biology. He does freelance work as a ghostwriter in the Bay Area, and has worked as a writer for California State Parks. He currently lives in Oakland.

The mosaic of Oceanus was created by Molly Benson!