Prometheus was a Titan who defied the wishes of Zeus by supplying fire to mortal men. In retaliation against the mortals, Zeus sent Pandora to them with a box of evils she was warned against opening (to predictable results); in retaliation against the immortal, Zeus had Prometheus chained to a rock, where an eagle would come every afternoon to feast on his liver. Each night, his liver would regenerate, so that his torment would begin anew the following day. Generations later, he was freed by the great hero Heracles.

Jeremy Cole’s Playing with Fire sets the story of Prometheus in a not-too-distant future where science has made a number of bold leaps: The cloning of humans has been perfected, along with the ability to accelerate – and even reverse – the aging process. When Dr. Eidos Promoleti begins treating clones with the same dignity and respect as humans, he incurs the wrath of Dr. Kalyteros Theos, which leads to horrible consequences…

PROMETHEUS or “Playing With Fire” by Jeremy Cole
Directed by Jeremy Cole
staged reading on December 8, 2012 at 8 PM

Travis Howse (Ira Doxa)

Nolan Mecham (Dr. Eidos Promeleti)

Aaron Tworek (Anthropos)

Scott Ragle (Dr. Kal Theos)

Jessica Jade Rudholm (Dr. Sykoti Aetos)

Tony Cirimele (Dr. Mavros Sideras)

Danielle Doyle (Fotia)

Kate Jones (Ola Tadora)

Jeremy Cole has dabbled in all areas of theatre, from directing (Best Director awards in Denver, CO for The Kentucky Cycle and Metamorphoses) and designing (four nominations for Costuming, one for Lighting) to acting (one nomination for Burn This) and less frequently, playwriting. His plays have been produced both in Denver (James Terry, Dreams That Money Can Buy, The Women’s Ward, Traces of the Western Slopes, James Joyce’s The Dead) and now, San Francisco (Hot? Or Not…, English for the Romantically Challenged and Might Makes Right for SF Theatre Pub and Too Near the Sun for last year’s SF Olympians Festival). In his spare time, Jeremy is working on a full-length script on the Kitty Genovese murder.

The artwork for Prometheus was created by Emily C. Martin and her beautiful work can be seen here!