Rhea is the goddess of resurrection, healing, mercy, and generation. Her name means “flow” or “ease” which speaks to her soothing effects, particularly when applied to child-bearing and the passage of time. Rhea is perhaps most widely known as being the mother of the Olympian gods. After Chronus swallowed their first five children, Rhea hid Zeus and fed Chronus a swaddled stone instead. Rhea is often depicted flanked by lions and wearing a turret crown.

With the end of the long-count Mayan calendar fast approaching, Mayan mythology has been on playwright Maria Leigh’s mind. “I am particularly intrigued by a goddess known as Goddess O, Ixchel, or Chack Chel. She bears a striking resemblance to Rhea in terms of her mythology, marriage, sphere of influence, and depictions. I am intrigued by this resonance and will explore the relationship of the goddesses to one another. Central to this exploration are themes of time and of language.”

RHEA by Maria Leigh
Directed by Rebecca Longworth
Musical Direction by Charlie Gurke
staged reading December 19, 2012 at 8 PM

Julie Douglas (Rhea)

Annie Paladino (Ethan)

Richard Wenzel (James)

Lisa Drostova (Cerise)

Nikolas Strubbe (Alabaster)

Dorothy Reading (Ho-Ho)

Joan Howard (Slickwit)

Maria Leigh is a Bay Area actor who can be seen in We Players’ version of The Odyssey on Angel Island in May and June 2012. She has also worked with locally and internationally with many companies, including: Cutting Ball Theatre, Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company , Centro Estatal de las Artes in Mexicali, MX, Ragged Wing Ensemble, La Tropa, and Thunderbird Theatre. Her short play, Metis, was included in 2011’s SF Olympians II: Heavenly Bodies.

The beautiful print artwork of Rhea was created by Emmalee Carole! Her work can be seen here!