Tethys is a titan goddess of the deep ocean, mother to rivers, and wife of Oceanus, with whom she mothered the 3,000 Oceanids. There are very few references to Tethys in Greek literature, though there is evidence that Tethys was a powerful goddess, and honored in earlier times. In one myth, Hera came to Tethys to shift the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, so they would never touch Oceanus’ waters, and why they are now circumpolar. There is an episode in The Iliad, telling of another time Hera came to Tethys, for protection, and to deceive Zeus, indicating a relationship between the goddesses. In most cases, it would appear Tethys acted as a nurse to Hera, or even a foster-mother. In art, she is often depicted as an ancient woman, with wings attached to her temples.

In Meg O’Connor’s play, the war is over, and the Olympians have taken their place as victors. Tethys is restless, while her husband is trying to make the best of things. Hera pays Tethys a visit to ask a favor – something Tethys is not sure she is capable of. In this play, I want to explore what it is like to be replaced, even when you’re talented. I want to explore the power dynamics between an ancient, powerful titan, and a young, fiery olympian. I want to explore Tethys’ marriage- she has a good husband and 3,000 daughters, but is that enough?

TETHYS by Megan O’Connor
Directed by Annie Paladino
staged reading December 13, 2012 at 8 PM

Juliana Egley (Tethys)

Tonya Narvaez (Hera)

Tavis Kammet (Oceanus)

Jan Carty Marsh (Stage Directions)

Meg O’Connor received her BA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Playwriting, and a minor in music from the University of San Francisco. She is a founding member of Inkblot Ensemble, with whom she developed and co-wrote Satellites, included in the 2011 furyFactory. Her play All’s Fair (co-written with Jess Thomas) was produced by Antistrophe Ensemble (now Inkblot) in 2009. Her short, Shakespeare in Therapy, was selected for DramSoc’s 2005 One Act Festival at University College Dublin, Ireland. Her full lengths In the Wings and Splash of Color received readings by USF’s College Players, and several of her shorts were selected for their Gill-O-Tine One Axe Festivals and The Other Plays. She has directed for SF Theater Pub, BOA, The Cutting Ball Theater, and USF College Players. She is also a member of Chinese Ballroom Comedy Improv, and a founding member of Polka Dot Robot, where she makes hand made goods for happy humans. In what little time she has left, she spends it with Kevin.

The artwork for Tethys was created by Cody A. Rishell! His artwork can be seen here!