Uranus is one of the oldest gods in the Greek mythos. The instant he is born, he couples with Gaia, his mother. Even from the sky, the earth is irresistible. As God of the sky, Uranus creates the physical universe, but cannot love its creatures, confining his children – the Titans and the Giants — to the bowels of the earth. His son, Kronos – who he rejects — overthrows him, un-mans him — and, from Uranus’ sea-washed genitals, Venus is born from the ocean and, from his blood dripping on the sand, the Furies erupt. And what could be more human than begetting both fury and love? Although Freud has “routinized” our desires to rise up against our parents, Uranus confounds analysis. His ancient story remains primal, messy, bloody, awash in semen, torture, and fate.

Evelyn Jean Pine’s play Walking the Starry Path: A Musical is about how for more than a generation, the Titans have been the first family of country music, but now it’s 1958. Record sales are plunging and the boys want to rock. The patriarch wants to keep them singing harmonies down on the farm, but with Mama has different ambitions for her brood, and one boy is ready to rip his daddy apart.

URANUS or “Walking The Starry Path” by Evelyn Jean Pine
staged reading October 13, 2011

Directed by Rik Lopes

Music by Tom Darter

Teresa Attridge (Lulu)

Maggie Ballard (Bree)

Tom Darter (Sonny)

Elijah Diamond (Turner)

Maria Fe Picar (Mama)

Stewart Kramar (Jack)

Charles Lewis III (Announcer/Professor/Stage Directions)

Evelyn Jean Pine is a four-time Playground Emerging Playwright Award Winner and a recipient of the June Anne Baker Award for an exciting new voice in the theatre. The first SF Olympians Festival presented a sold-out staged reading of her play, Hephaestus and the Golden Robots. Her short play, Sweet Dreams, launched the Manhattan Shakespeare Project’s Emerging Voices Festival in New York in October 2010. Playground commissioned two of her full-length plays: Astonishment, about the invention of the movies, and The Secrets of the World, about Queen Isabella and the Indians Columbus brought back to her. Her award-winning short plays have been staged around the country, including New York, San Francisco, Berkeley, Kansas City, Charlottesville, and Bethesda. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State where she teaches performance studies.

The image of Uranus was created by Adam Miller.