Zephyrus was the West Wind, gentlest of the Anemoi (the four winds) and the bringer of spring. He had many affairs (including, according to Roman tradition, the goddess Flora) but his most famous is that with the Spartan prince Hyacinthus. Both Zephyrus and the sun god Apollo competed for the love of beautiful Hyacinthus. When the prince chose Apollo, Zephyrus became mad with jealousy. He found the two lovers playing discuss and caused a strong breeze to blow so that the discuss struck Hyactinthus and killed him. In mourning, Apollo turned the prince’s blood into the hyacinth flower.

Of his play, author Neil Higgins writes: I see Zephyrus as a shy student at a prestigious university in England in the 1920’s. He is hopelessly in love with the charming Hyacinthus. Hyacinthus, though, is romantically involved with Apollo. On top of the illegality of homosexuality, Zephyrus is of the working class while Hyacinthus and Apollo are members of the landed aristocracy. It seems that Zephyrus’ love is doomed to be unrequited until Artemis, Apollo’s sister, appears and seems determined to help Zephyrus woo Hyacinthus. It all seems too good to be true and, if Zephyrus knew Artemis’ dark motives, he would quickly realize that it is.

ZEPHYRUS by Neil Higgins
staged reading October 21, 2011

Directed by Claire Rice

Maro Guevera (Hyacinthus)

Charles Lewis III (Apollo)

Jason Pienkowski (Carpus)

Keshuv Prasad (Zephyrus)

Stacy Sanders (Stage Directions)

Leota Tisdel Rhodes (Artemis)

Neil Higgins is ecstatic to be part of the second Olympians Festival. After acting in two pieces in the last festival, Neil is thrilled for the opportunity to participate this time around as a playwright and director. Entering the big bad world armed with BA’s in Theatre and English Lit, Neil finds himself the Administration Manager of The Marsh Theatre. He has been acting, writing and directing about the City and hopes that Olympians is just the beginning of his career as a playwright.

The image of Zephyrus was created by Gintah Tran. You can view his portfolio, here.